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Monterno pastry shop-catering services was founded by Orestis Tabakopoulos in 1974 with the aim of offering exquisite, premium quality pastries and ice-cream to the people of Chania.Today, after 70 years, Monterno pastry shops, having stayed faithful to their values, continue to use high-quality, pure raw materials and to propose unique recipes of sublime taste in a constant attempt to evolve the art of confectionary.Montenro pastry shops, keep on investing in the most advanced technological equipment and training of their personnel and have created a modern production unit to guarantee swift, efficient and, above all, ccustomer-friendly delivery of services. All product ( sweets, cake, ice-cream, puff pastries, chocolates and catering items) are made from carefully selected raw materials, under strict hygiene conditions. MONTERNO pastry shops are committed to maintaining tradition, ensuring consistent quality and renewing their product line.
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