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Realising the uniqueness of the wedding reception, we put all our care and experience to offer a perfectly organized and aesthetically incomparable event.

We implement a strict schedule that includes continuous checks and revisions and we respond immediately to your needs, ensuring that you will have the perfect result to enjoy your dream day.


​Given the uniqueness of the mystery, we are committed to creating a beautiful, fun and carefree event.

With a menu tailored to the needs of both adult guests and children, we can guarantee the success of one of the most beautiful moments of your life: the christening of your child!

Kids Parties

A great party is every child’s dream. We know the importance of this day for them and for you and we can help create a successful and unforgettable children’s party, either at our space or at yours.

Delicious savory and sweet treats are combined with birthday cakes in incredible colors and shapes to enhance the fun that is the key ingredient in such occasions.

Business Events

Every business should be treated with precision, professionalism and efficiency and we know that you expect nothing less for your business events.

Whether it’s a grand opening, a conference or a seminar, a simple business lunch or a staff event, we’re by your side so you and your guests can enjoy personalised menu options with amazing flavors and delicious cocktails.

Home Catering

​Private events, special events…

For events you wish to organize in your own space, such as birthdays, namedays, anniversaries, cocktail nights or a formal dinner, you can trust us for a wonderful, unique and personalised menu that will satisfy even the most demanding palate, without you need to do the slightest thing in your kitchen!


“Thank you for your excellent Catering services, perfect food and incredible professionalism. We, as well as our guests loved everything! Thank you for helping us create the best for us!!!”

Maria & Julien | 22 July 2018 | Wedding Catering

"Thank you for everything! It was a lovely evening and your staff was great. The food was amazing. I had the best comments from my guests about the food and service..."

Christina | 9 July 2018 | Birthday Party | Home Catering

"Thank you so much for everything! Your catering services were a true discovery and a pleasant surprise! The food quality and quantity were excellent!"

Maja & Michael | 18 July 2018 | House Party | Home Catering

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